About Us

As a community cafe we provide a welcoming and attractive meeting place in the bright airy foyer of the church building. Everyone is welcome to come in and find a space to socialise, relax or reflect.

We also offer a full take away service for anything that we sell.

We have the usual tables and chairs but also an area with comfortable sofas and a toy box.

We are run as a not-for-profit organisation allowing us to raise money for local and international good causes and charities.

We are able to take card payments for amounts above £10. You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, VPay, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, American Express and Diners Club cards.

Our History
19 opened its doors to the community of Cambourne on the 3rd March 2010. It started up with the support of Cambourne Church, South Cambridgeshire District Council (Community Chest Grant), Cambourne Parish Council and The Cambourne Crier.
It continues to be managed and run by volunteers from the church and local community. 

On Saturday 28th April 2012 we opened our doors from 10am until 3pm as part of our 2nd birthday celebrations. Although we continued to serve our normal menu, from 12 noon we also offered a special lunchtime menu which included various options of jacket potatoes, home-made soup and sandwiches. The child's sandwich meal in a box proved very popular as did jacket potato with chilli. The children were able to make use of the extra space in the main church hall and despite the weather we remained busy throughout.

On 4th August 2014 we expanded the coffee house, opening until 2pm and offering a wider selection of food and drink. We proved very popular with about 40 people turning up for lunch within a 15 minute period. After staying open for the week we then shut for 3 weeks as our summer holiday before opening on 1st September.

On 3rd March 2015 we celebrated being open for 5 years. We kept the party going for a week sharing our birthday cake with our customers and giving away red balloons to children who visited.

Fair Trade
All our teas, coffees, hot chocolate and fruit juices are fairly traded and we continue to use fairly traded goods when possible.

All eggs used are free range.

Why '19'?
Cambourne was built as a new settlement comprising three villages and as such the roads were initially all private roads. The striking and unusual speed limit of 19mph was put in place across the developing community. It was remarked that drivers drove slower but this may have also been down to the particularly winding roads. This speed limit was something particular to Cambourne and as such seemed an ideal symbol/name for the community cafe. 
As the roads were adopted these signs were taken down and some were donated to the church. Some were auctioned off but a couple were kept and these can now be seen outside the church during opening hours of the cafe.