Get involved

At the bottom of this page you will find a downloadable volunteer application form. You can email it back to us or drop it into the cafe during opening hours. We do have paper copies available in the cafe.

19 the coffee house is run by a committed team of local volunteers. These volunteers come from both the local community and the church. Without the volunteers there is no 19 the coffee house.

As with all things voluntary, volunteers do find that they have to move on, for example returning to work or moving on to a new job, and this leaves us looking to find people to fill their space within the team. Could you be that person?

We would love to open even later in the day, and serve a greater range of food but at the moment do not have sufficient volunteers. If you feel you could become part of our team please get in touch via e-mail ( or come and talk to us Monday to Thursday 08.45 until 2pm or Friday 08.45 until 12 noon.
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How can I help?
We are open Monday to Thursday 08.45 until 2 pm and Friday 08.45 until 12 noon. We did open the third Saturday of each month from 10am until 2pm but have had to stop as we have not got enough volunteers. We would really like to start opening again as it allows us to serve people who are generally at work during the week. 
Even if you think that you can only spare one hour on one day or you can help out on one day every other week then please come and talk to us.

Volunteers can get involved with cafe set up, serving, food preparation, dishwashing and set down. If you do not want to touch bacon or if you just want to come and wipe down tables or do the washing up then there is no problem. 
You can also get more involved in the running of the cafe as a Daily Manager.

Roles do come up from time to time that do not involve serving in the cafe but instead involve helping with publicity, the administration and the finances of the cafe. As with all roles these are voluntary and should not amount to more than three hours work each week. If you are interested in helping in this capacity please come and talk to us at the cafe or get in touch with us via e-mail (
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What will I get out of helping?
Feeling part of a team and the wider community
The ability to have a say in what happens at the cafe, e.g. new purchases, menu changes
The knowledge that you are directly keeping a community resource going for yourself and others
It will look impressive on a C.V. if you are returning to work and we can provide references too.
It can count towards award schemes such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Catherine Dawkins,
29 Apr 2015, 04:43